What the Military needs to know about Crypto Currencies during All Hazards. Today at a Brown Bag lunch series hosted by the National Defense University* I’m speaking about the current and future uses of cryptocurrency during All Hazards. It will be a conversation along the lines of DA, Distributed Automation and Smart Contracts and what will be their roles and impact when standard Military operations intersect with humanitarian roles that the US and other Military find themselves operating in with greater frequency. I’m honored at the request to come speak and look forward to working with anyone that wants to Help Earth.

*Center for Technology and National Security Policy at the National Defense University (Washington, DC) holds bimonthly brown bag sessions where speakers from the US government, private sector and the non-profit world are given the opportunity to present their research to interested audiences. These sessions allow speakers to obtain outside perspectives, engage in discussions and find new opportunities for cooperation and partnerships. To learn more about the group thoughing the Brownbag lunches please visit

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