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I’m Nelson Jacobsen, A Ward 3 Janney Deal soon to be Wilson Dad. that currently run a DC based Foundation, Help Earth Foundation,  that derives its funding from the sales of Entertainment via its ownership of a for profit co Altavoz Entmt. (Maryland based for now) Altavoz is the only new digital and physical distribution co in the last decade.  I’m currently working with the DC Economic Develop Department to move into DC.  It’s important to note that sales in still both and physical is was 68.7 % of the last weeks sales.

Why DC?  It’s the 2nd Largest live market in the USA, its the 5th largest retail market and and it’s artists band and labels are gaining a reputation. As well DC has 7 out of the top 100 clubs in the USA and something that very few areas of the country have… Our own music. In fact DC was home of the pre-recorded music birth when John Phillips Sussa tipped off in a letter about the talking boxes in NYC bars and saloons set about to make the 1st music for them and it was the March of El Dragon.    The District is taking off.

to that end Altavoz and myself have join arts groups and become advocates for  to help brand and promote #DCMadeMusic which we believe will serve as a testimony to the culture heritage of DC and provide a future for new and old DC artists to earn a living in Entertainment. Which is currently a ten billion dollar US industry.

I ask the incoming Bowser Administration to keep up the existing efforts and to expand the STEAM in DCPS including efforts like the Country Music Association and Grammy Foundation to create partnership with schools in the elementary education programs to play country music.

What in the future of these artists according to new analyzation, from the NEA , of the last census data the average artists income is twenty seven thousand dollars a year and the #1 second job in the USA is art, and of those musicians are the largest working block.

While we are working hard to get kids into the Tech, starting with an hour of coding, Every Day kids, households and whole communities are Hacking DC’s Techtainment without any direct government support and very little awareness until now. 

And, every person in the world is a potential fan because music is worldwide we can become the District of Culture.  Thanks you very much for the opportunity to speak and I look forward to see the Bowser Admin contribution.

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