Signing up to be a judge for our Disaster Apps Competition.

I was joking with my mother the other day about how I’ve been doing more stuff for the Humanitarian side of the US military and that helping is an honor and service to our Country. You know like being semi drafted in to service. So when asked to be a judge of the Disaster App Challenge it was a choice already made. LOL. Hey if you have an app there is still time to submit it…

Thank you for signing up to be a judge for our Disaster Apps Competition. The contest ends on July 15th. Starting 20 July, judges will have access to the portal and will be able to review submissions. Judges will be provided with a matrix for evaluating entries (SEE Judging Criteria below). We will circulate a draft in the next week or so for your feedback and suggestions.

From 4-6 August we will host a final judging round allowing judges to convene at National Defense University’s Center for Technology and National Security Policy Thank you for your support. If you have questions or concerns please contact Nelly Mobula (, the Disaster Apps POC. Thank you for your continued support!

WHAT: Evaluation of the Disaster Apps Challenge:

WHEN: August 4th – August 6th ( I don’t think we will need all three days)

WHERE: National Defense University, Lincoln Hall, CTNSP Conference Room

Value to Community
• Can the app help improve disaster management procedures and/or the efficiency of disaster management services? (50%)
Ease of Use
• Is the app user-friendly and easy to understand? (15%)
• Does the app function with other disaster management systems?(15%)
• How well does the app highlight strategies to sustain itself in the marketplace? Is it well-researched and how strong is its plan for continuous user engagement and its ability to incorporate user feedback?(10%)
• Does the app provide a new approach to disaster management? (5%)
General Appeal
• How appealing is this app to disaster management community and other users? Is it relevant and visually appealing? (5%)

• Developers must submit a link to their Github repo for the link on ChallengePost
• Screenshots
• Short demo video (5-10 min max) or powerpoint presentation (20 pages max) explaining how the app will build on existing disaster systems and address issues like interoperability, networks, stability, sustainability, ease of use, bandwidth, and geo-location analysis.
• Open to non-US Citizens and non-residents that partner with an American citizen

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