Nelson Jacobsen
CEO by profession | Producer by passion

Having already produced visually adding to this Music Producer is something that I’ve dreamed about for a number of years.  As the salesperson for many-a-release I’ve gotten to see what works and what doesn’t and it’ not really a surprise so much as it’s lack of detail that keeps most releases from hitting all the right notes since they were lost in an email or just not know to producers that didn’t grow up in the physically only world. Stiving both I seek to help Altavoz’s recording artists make a perfect pitch to fans with each story that we’re selling em.

Soundtrack for the incredible story of Brendan Looney from the school that was the catalyst for Brendan life and now a documentary coming fall 2016
DeMatha Catholic High School
Manufactured by: Altavoz Entmt
Model: 1129131000
Product ID: 632467001032

Lua Proc’s Fish Tailing with featchers by Kevin Gates & Young Buck coming Summer 16
High End Society Ent
Manufactured by: Altavoz Entmt
Model: 1133131000
Product ID: 632567001117

Interested in contacting me about producing, please note that I’m obligated to work only with @AltavozEntmt artists. And, since they offer artists ownership why aren’t you????