Was rewarded with being a guest judge for DC’s 24 hours of Coding.

So what’s CodeDay any who?  It’s a 24 hour student hackathon happening in Cities across the USA that started on Saturday at noon and ended noon on Sunday over the 23/24 May weekend

Having run a few of these in my day it’s now interesting to be on the judging side of this since my mind starts working on connection for the code or hacks as soon as it starts to upload into my noggin.

20150524_105121 Like this particular hack which really has some uses for a number of fields and with a bit of work this particular effort could really have some broad applications.

Link to short video coming.

Since; I only got to hear the end result of their 24 hours of coding effort (THIS IS BIG DEAL) seriously six teams worked for 24 hours and presented mostly to partially working applications, games and website projects, it was an opportunity to just see what was going on in the minds of this population of kids. FYI of the six all but one was entertainment focused.


And, there was a large representation of young female coders who also severed as leaders for their teams. Which for the father of two young women I’m glad to see girls geeking out.


I’m pleased to say that for CodeDayDC all of them where standouts and Help Earth Foundation is trying to figure out a way to help a few of them keep moving forward.   To learn more please check out this blog post.

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