One of my roles is principle interface for the Help Earth Foundation as part of it’s membership in the Digital Humanitarian Network, DHN, which is part of the UN’s umbrella of international crisis response teams.  During the Recent Nepal Earthquake the perfect storm came about with the size and scope of incident;  desire by non assigned volunteers to help, and the lack of any real central clearing authority that monitors how and those have it to give and those that are in need of it are interacting. So I volunteered to take the lead with groups requesting to engage the DHN.

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It’s now been weeks since #NepalEarthQuakeResponse starting and I’ve been able to witness the demand for services and the willingness of those that have the skills, goods or just time to help come together.   I’m looking forward to a fuller explanation of what I and so many others did to help in this overwhelming disaster(s) to one small nation from CrisisMapping to Hackathons.

PS if you or you group did any CrisisResponders work for Nepal please fill out this survey HERE

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