Bitcoin Education Day on Capitol Hill


Brain Santos and Nelson Jacobsen

On FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, 2014 I was pleased to join other Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency supporters for  The Chamber of Digital Commerce first ever Bitcoin Education Day on Capitol Hill. This was extremely well executed day of advocacy for during the open comment period for the BitLicense Proposed Rules and Regulations. The leader of the Chamber Perianne Borning started the day with a briefing in preparation for supporter to fan out and get to every single House office and hand the staffers and LA when in a 1 pager and contact information. Afterwards attendees were debriefed at Bullfeathers with and open bar and snacks provided by Bitwal. I have to say that of all of my many years ok decades on Capital Hill this was by far one of the best run and received out reaches I’ve participated working with and I have to give a special shout out to Congresswomen Eleanor Homes Norton’s Chief Counsel & LD – Bradley Trudling taking the time to learn about what the District of Columbia’s role in this new cryptoeconomy can and should be.

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