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I’ve been around computers since 1976 after I was introduced to them at Hamilton Park Elementary School out of the Dallas, TX. Since. I’ve always counted (count beats, cracks, clouds, numbers, people, tracks and just about anything else) calling myself a Computer is just Natural.
Back in High School –I can still recall in the basement of St John DeMatha HS delivering my ream of Punch Cards to the assembler, and waiting with fingers crossed for a successful run –because getting time on any computer was not an easy task and small errors where just a costly as large ones and most computers where in the basement. This is where I learned the need to write short and correct code reusing bits, libraries of whole SDKS’s that already worked once and I just need to make a few changes here and there to make the code work in a new way which today is what is being done in all of these Hackathons
In College while taking a Computer Science Class — the professor stated that 3rd generation computer language would be natural and the need to know how to write code would be secondary; Now having awoke one morning not too prior –where in I decided to write in assembly language a program to wake up, get out of the bed and goto the Bathroom. These two events caused me to ditch any formal education in computing and I decided to pursue an Economics degree for all things. I did find myself thrust into the personal computing wave in 1985 when my Fraternity in College decided to install two PC’s in the basement and really caught the computer bug with hours of fixing, running and offering advice and getting it from others on what the hell this box represents and can do.
Now fully back into my nerdness which much badgering I finally got my 1st personal computer in 1987 when my dad gave me a IMB PC Jr. which I jacked up into a glorified computer (I used Apples, Compaq’s, DEC’s, Dell’s, HP’s, SGI’s and a few I built along the way Today I consider myself Bi-Computeral and run a Mac and PC in tandem) My Dad also happened to have mentioned to me that I needed to learn UNIX; so I could be part of the Internetwork and only has to learn how to run a terminal window and get a dialup account and dial into it to find out more of what this Internetwork was all about –which with information back then being regulated to CDROMS, a few books and an occasional White-papers my career in coding for the Intertubes it seen hit a Knowledge wall
However it wasn’t too long and two years later I had an account with a Bulletin Board and went on to get a Prodigy account and even an early AOL account (which I still have) eventually making my my way over to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and got myself a Winsock client and finally made it onto the Super Info Highway. This was followed up diving into BIND BSD, Pine, PICO and VRML –anything I could grok or better Hack I’ve at least tired. I’d learned enough that by the end of 1994 after acquiring Altavoz, Inc. I was able to put it online first as an ~ and then as (which is one of the first 50 thousand dot com domains in the world). It’s been online since and so have I